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All things Local, Social, Mobile. Innovation in VAST Media: Virtual, Augmented, Simulations, Technology Media. Mobile Augmented Reality, Virtual Worlds, Geospatial, Wireless, Social Media and Networking, Cybersociology, MMORPGs, AI, ALife, and a host of other things.

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Robert is an author, technology entrepreneur, futurist, industry thought leader in pioneering the commercialization of mobile augmented reality, and the co-creator of social kinematics. With more than 17 years of experience he is a passionate innovator and is continually seeking to advance the state-of-the-art of dynamic and interactive technologies. Robert is the author of MMO Evolution and a contributing author in Working Through Synthetic Worlds.

Recognized as an Internet Gaming Pioneer by Advertising Age magazine in 1996, Robert was also called a Founding Father of the Digital Nation in 1998 by The Raleigh News & Observer. He is an authority on mobile augmented reality, persistent immersive environments, virtual reality and worlds, massively multiuser online games, and simulations. He is currently focusing on innovating technologies for hyperlocal business intelligence, social commerce, and emerging mobile markets.

Robert collaborated on the first conversion of a single player PC game to a virtual reality game in 1992 at the first virtual reality entertainment company in the US. Over the last two decades he has gained broad and in-depth experience in design, development, production, project direction and executive management with a number of start-ups including Alternate Worlds Technologies, Arckosian Entertainment, ZReality, Orchid Media International, Neogence Enterprises, and others. 

Robert is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist for conferences related to online games, simulations, mobile, augmented reality, and the future of interactive technology. 

Robert lives in Raleigh North Carolina and can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter (@robertrice), Skype (rrice919) and Plaxo.

All inquiries via email welcome.

Topics of interest to Robert: innovation, technology, interactive media, startups, virtual reality, virtual worlds, social networking, smart cities, augmented reality, simulations, MMORPGs, game design, the evolution of media, the impact of emerging technologies on business, industry, education, entertainment, enterprise, culture, and society. 

Appearances, Publications, Interviews, Conferences:

Interview, Raleigh-Based Website Drawing Attention To Social Media From Egypt, NBC17 News, Raleigh NC, February 4th, 2011

Keynote Speaker, Interactive 2010!, Sasketoon Saskatchewan Canada, September 24, 2010

Speaker, AR Conference, San Francisco, April 21, 2010

Speaker, Immersion X, Triangle Game Conference, Raleigh, April 8th, 2010

Speaker, Augmented Reality, Triangle Game Conference, Raleigh, April 7th, 2010

Speaker, Nokia Business Development Forum, February 10, 2010

Design, Business, and Technology Contributor, Nokia Co-Creation Weekend, Amsterdam, November 2009, hosted by Fronteer Strategies

Panelist, Augmented Reality, Web2Open Expo, New York, November 2009

Panelist, Augmented Reality, New York, November 2009, Hosted by Porter Novelli and New York Semantic Web Group

Panelist, Augmented Reality, TiE Entrepreneur Week, Santa Clara CA, November 2009

Panelist, Science Meets Fiction: Imagining the Future of Mixed and Augmented Reality, ISMAR (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality), Orlando FL, October 2009

Co-Presenter with Ori Inbar, Six Elements of AR, ISMAR (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality), Orlando FL, October 2009

Co-Presenter with Ori Inbar, AR Roadmap to Success, Mobile Magic Wand Workshop, ISMAR (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality), Orlando FL, October 2009

Reviewer, Arts, Media &  Humanities, ISMAR (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality), Orlando FL, October 2009

Contributor, Augmented Reality, ABI Research Report, October 2009

Interview with Ronnie Overgoor and Ilse Media at the eDay conference in Rotterdam.

Keynote Speaker, Future of Mobile: Ubiquitous Computing and Augmented Reality, eDay, Rotterdam, September 2009

Interview, Augmented Reality - Bigger Than the Web, with Tish Shute, www.ugotrade.com, August 2009

Mentioned, The CEO, the Android-Maker, and Augmented Reality. Oh my!, Linux Magazine, August 2009

Speaker, Right Idea, Wrong Implementation? Inside Mobile Conference, San Jose, July 2009

Speaker, The Future is Calling or Mobile is Dead, Mobile Monday, Amsterdam, June 2009 Link to Video

Contributor, Augmented Reality: Music’s 3D Future, Frukt Music Intelligence Report #2, June 2009

Speaker, Bringing Games to Life, Literally: The future of mobile games, augmented reality, and MMORPGs, Triangle Game Conference, Raleigh NC, April 2009

Speaker, Massively Mobile Ubiquitous RPG: Designing For a New World, IMGDC, Las Vegas NV, April 2009

Featured Blogger, Sociosophy “Blogger Week”, February 2009

Speaker, When Do We Get The Holodeck?, Carolina Games Summit, Goldsboro NC, February 2009

Interview, Is it “OMG Finally” for Augmented Reality? with Tish Shute, www.ugotrade.com, January 2009

Speaker, How Modern Software Methodologies and High Performance Computing will Change the Face of Simulation, NAFEMS 08 Regional Summit, Norfolk, October 2008

Speaker, Emerging Trends and the Evolution of Interactive and Immersive Media, ACM Tech Talk, Virginia Tech, October 2008

Panelist, MMORPGs, DGExpo, Raleigh, 2008

Quoted, One Giant Leap, Games TM Magazine, 2008

Guest, Multiple Podcasts, Biota Live, Internet, 2008

Contributor, Killtenrats.com (pseudonym “Nicodemus”), 2006-2008

Speaker, G2Expo, Goldsboro, 2007

Speaker, DGExpo, Raleigh, 2007

Speaker, IMGDC, Minneapolis, 2007

Speaker, Wake Tech Community College, ‘07

Interview, Immortal Destiny: Exclusive Interview, Warcry Network, July 2007

Contributor, Massive Radio, Internet

…and a bunch of others over the years I don’t remember. Please email me if you see me quoted somewhere, or if you saw me at a speaking engagement.

Specialties, Hobbies and Interests

Augmented reality, virtual reality, virtual worlds, social media/networks, Massively Multiuser Online Games (MMORPGs, MMO), Alternate Reality Games (ARG), persistent environments, adaptive simulations, the metaverse, interactive and immersive technologies, artificial intelligence, artificial life, intelligent agents, collaborative environments, casual games, STEM learning, technology convergence, pattern trending, ideavisioning, cybersociology, game design, geolocative and contextual media, think tanks, and being a futurist.

Photography, tenor saxophone, haiku, Kyudo (Japanese archery), fencing (foil and epee), world travel, reading, world history, archaeology, paleontology, philosophy, theology, cryptography, architecture, sociology, psychology, robotics, anime, and a dozen or so other topics. I love creating things, learning, and exploring.