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Four Months into 2012

On August 29th, 2011 I launched a new company with several co-founders, including Eric Martindale, Daniel Barbour, and John Finocchiaro. During the early months, most of the work was focused looking for where the sweet spots of opportunity are in the tech and consumer markets. We did a lot of work here, and pivoted a few times, and then in mid-December John and I were struck with several epiphanies, one right after the other.

We had our opportunity, and we figured out a solid business and revenue model, some sweet new technology, invented Social Kinematics (more on this later), and got a plan in place. We really started the ball rolling in January, which is our unofficial start date I guess (although technically we incorporated in August). 

Since then, we have managed to build a team of seven full time people (and a few resources), raised a bit of seed capital from some fantastic angel investors (in addition to what the founders invested at the get go), and we have been getting some amazing response from everyone we talk to about what we are doing and why. 

We have pretty much been under the radar for the most part though, heads down, working hard on coding and development, but we are going to start coming out of our shell starting today. Feel free to go to the landing page and sign up for updates. We are launching in a few months.

We are registering for the Vator Splash LA event in June this year, and we need help from the community to vote for us. We are aiming for one of the top ten spots to get a chance to present to all of the attendees (lots and lots of VCs and angels) at the event. 

Please vote for us here. More info about the competition is here.

VatorSplash LA

Also, please check us out on Angel List and follow us there. Followers = traction = interest.

I’ll be posting more this week about what we are doing and some other interesting stuff (like Social Kinematics).